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Fearless Fun- A Guide to Going Upside-Down

This is a fun & relaxed workshop designed for students new to inversions and those looking to broaden their experience to embrace the joys of being upside down.

In this workshop you will explore the mechanics of a headstand and if you wish a forearm balance and/or handstand. We will integrate, discuss, practice and apply alignment principles to deepen your understanding and ability to perform inversion postures. Learn to stabilise your base, strengthen and engage the shoulder girdle and your core to gain confidence so freeing yourself from fear.

Inverted poses have deep calming and energising properties and strengthen the mind/body connection. Facing our fears on the mat can offer us empowerment and focus which will filter through into our everyday lives.

Those who also want to master these challenging postures should give this workshop a try, as it is filled with useful tips and information on the techniques and knowledge needed to achieve these poses in a safe and fun way.


Earlier Event: August 20
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