"Lovely environment. Nikki is welcoming and focussed on known problem areas including shoulders, neck and back. A great yoga class!" Sarah 

"Another great yoga session tonight. Hips and glutes fully stretched out. If you're not doing yoga, you should be, so try Urban Yoga. I feel great today. A whole new range of movement!"  " Steve

"One of the main benefits I've noticed is that I now can balance on one leg whilst putting on my knickers...!" Val

"I don’t like missing these yoga classes. I’ve been really enjoying them and it’s made such a difference to my working life having two windows of freedom a week! I’ve also found attending this class has encouraged me to practice at home and sparked a real interest in the benefits of regular yoga. Thank you Nikki!" Kathry

"I ran a comfortable 18 miles this morning and I put a lot of that down to the great Runners' Yoga Workshop yesterday. Thank you Nikki, I will definitely be doing those stretches!" Phillipa

"The lunchtime sessions are great. Nikki is very motivational and helps everyone work to their own level but also pushes us very well. My strength and flexibility have noticeably improved!" Cindy

"I had back and knee issues for years and had regularly been to a physio. I started doing yoga with Nikki & noticed benefits straight away so have now been going for over a year. When I went to the physio a few weeks ago he told me how impressed he was about the change in my posture, gait and balance & I am now signed off! I feel fitter and stronger in my body and definitely more relaxed AND I can kneel much more easily and comfortably than I have for years; all due to yoga! I would definitely recommend Urban Yoga; it’s changed my life! " Helen