Yoga for everyone

Accessible fitness yoga for busy people like you who want to get and stay fit, flexible, strong and relaxed so they can live their life to the full.

Through expert coaching, mindfulness and body awareness I will help you to increase your flexibility, strengthen your core and other muscles, improve your general fitness and balance to prevent injury and keep healthy. And you will be able to have more relaxation and time just for you.

I first discovered yoga as a child through my mother's home yoga sessions. This began a love of yoga that stayed with me into adulthood and after going through a period of extreme stress and anxiety due to my then high pressured job as a solicitor, yoga was my lifeline.

Yoga and mindfulness became such an integral part of who I am that I decided to change my life and qualify as a yoga teacher with Zenways, a specialist mindfulness and Buddhist based organisation. This followed by qualifying as an NLP transformational/life coach and through both my life and health benefitted dramatically and I've never looked back!

My experience of different types of yoga, my abilities and training as a coach and my qualification as a Sports Massage Therapist mean that I am able to bring special and valuable elements to my teaching which means you will get a unique style and experience. You will find strength, toning and more flexibility for your body as well as relaxation for your mind, counteracting the stress and strains of everyday life and work.

Yoga is widely recognised as having profound benefits for health and mental wellbeing and is now endorsed by the medical profession, including the NHS. (

At Urban Yoga class you will also find accessible exercise, fun and that important "me time", so come along, join in and see how much you can benefit!

I look forward to helping you to be the best you you can be!