Yoga For Tight Legs
Sat 7 Sept 11am-1pm at Beechwood Club, Fishponds

Fed up with tight legs? Frustrated by stiffness in the back or front of your legs, knees and back? Want to be more flexible? You are not alone as many people suffer from tight leg muscles and a very common cause of leg tightness is due to the amount of time we spend sitting throughout the work day and evening.

But help is at hand as this session is specifically designed for your legs which means that we will focus on effectively releasing and really stretching out the back and front of your legs using yoga postures and special physical therapy techniques (from my knowledge as a Sports Therapist). You will learn how to will ease tension and stiffness bringing release, relief and openness to those areas (and also to the low back).

We will also strengthen to bring support and stability to the muscles to help keep you in good fitness and injury free. You will be given tips for home to help keep those areas free, strong and in good shape after the session.

£25 per place or two for £40


Deep Relaxation & Mindful Yoga by Candlelight
Fri 4 Oct 6.30pm-8.30pm at Beechwood Club, Fishponds

As autumn approaches and life gets busy again, this ultimate relaxation experience will help you take important time out to unwind, feel calm, positive, energised and deeply relaxed. So this popular session is back to help you let go of tension and relax to tackle whatever comes your way.

Two fabulous hours just for you to immerse yourself in soothing, deep relaxing and unwinding. So this is your time out to stretch and release tight, tired muscles and get some quiet, calming time for you; some peace in a frantic world.

You will indulge in deeply effective, releasing gentle yoga stretches whilst bathed in the soft glow of candlelight and beautifully relaxing music.

You will fully relax in yoga nidra (deep yogic sleep), release your body and mind through proven guided relaxation exercises, be taken into a deeply restful state in mindfulness meditations then you'll experience powerful guided mood-enhancing NLP techniques to complete your special session and come out feeling fabulous!

So you'll feel good; stretched out, uplifted, rejuvenated and deeply calm.


as all stretches and relaxations are for accessible to complete beginners as well as regular practitioners.

£20 (£25 after 15 SEPTEMBER).


So claim your place now.

Bring a friend DISCOUNT: How about sharing this experience to make it even more special? Well when you book for and bring a friend or loved one with you, you will receive a FURTHER 10% discount on both places (which must be booked and paid for together) (i.e. £36 for two when paid for by 15 September).


Release Your Shoulders
Sat 5 Oct 11am-1pm at Beechwood Club, Fishponds

Frustrated by tight muscles limiting activities?
Fed up with your shoulders feeling stiff, tight and/or achy?
Feel tense, maybe stressed?
Want to feel freer and stretched out in your shoulders, neck & upper back but unsure of how best to do this?

Many of us sit a lot now at work and home and so develop stiffness and tension in the shoulders, neck and upper back. Stress and emotional upset can also cause tightness in those parts of your body.

So this 2 hour workshop is specifically designed for you! We will focus on this common problem area effectively releasing and deeply stretching out your shoulders, neck and upper back using specific yoga postures and also proven coaching and sports therapy techniques to ease tension and discomfort (physical and mental) bringing relief and unlocking your muscles.

You’ll also learn how to strengthen this area to bring support and stability and help keep you fit and injury free.

AND you will be given a special goody bag and tips and techniques for home to help keep those areas freer, stronger and in good shape after the session.


AND only £22 when booked and paid for by 5 September (usual price £25).

MULTIPLE PLACE DISCOUNT: Know others who will benefit? Well when you book and pay for TWO or more places you will receive a FURTHER discount as it's only £39 for two (£78 or 4 etc) in the early bird-deal (or £49 thereafter).


Menopause Wellbeing Day
Sat 12 Oct 11am-3pm at Beechwood Club, Fishponds

Going though peri-or full menopause?
Want to be able to better deal with hormone & body changes?
Would like to learn how to cope with anxiety, stress and mood swings?
Want to learn more about symptoms and effects of menopause?
Want to get even better, stronger and more positive as you go age?
How about learning to feel more balanced and get more energy as you go through this change?
Or want just to be prepared and go through with confidence?

Well, you can because you are not alone! As someone going through these changes too I know how challenging, maybe weird and sometimes scary these changes can be, so wanted to help other women to go through this time in our lives feeling more empowered and well.

So you can join me for an effective enriching and transformative session so you get through this time being stronger, fitter, more healthy and more awesome! And find that spring in your step. How good would that be?!

This is a fantastic collaboration between Urban Yoga & Wellbeing, Goodness Me Nutrition, and Clair Cusack Massage & Acupuncture to bring you a really useful, effective, interactive session designed with YOU in mind and includes:

*Nutrition and diet info for all stages of menopause
*Specially designed yoga & exercise for menopause with tips & help for home
*Specialised massage, acupuncture & acupressure session
*Effective tips & techniques for your mental wellbeing
*Light refreshments & cake
*Supportive environment
*Shared experiences & chat
*Great discounts off further therapies & sessions
*Goodie bag
*Bring lunch to share

And all for ONLY £65!


Fun Partner Yoga
Fri 1 Nov 6.30-8pm at Beechwood Club, Fishponds

You’ll enjoy a different, fun (often funny!), sometimes challenging shared yoga experience for pairs; friends, partners, family members and they don't need any yoga experience at all as you'll be guided every step of the way.

And get these fantastic benefits from your session:

* Balance, strength, flexibility are all challenged in a new way when the support and body weight of a partner is introduced.

*You’ll gain increased awareness of your own body position and movement and get sometimes more easily and deeper into postures.

*You'll get support in postures, work more dynamically and challenge yourself and your partner to get a deeper stretch and better balance

* It’s bags of fun - there will be giggles and laughs as you both figure out how to get into positions together and huge smiles and elation when you work it out and get into some new and really awesome postures

* It connects and builds trust and cooperation for couples, friends, family members and creates a shared experience so the room will be buzzing and so will you!

* It’s good for you! Dissolving the usual personal space for a while in the supportive safe environment builds self-confidence and can be a deeply empowering experience.

Looks fun eh? Sounds good doesn’t it? So get this great experience for only £29 per pair when you book & pay by 1 September (thereafter £36).

BUT PLACES ARE LIMITED to ensure personal tuition and assistance.


Yoga for Balance
Sat 9 Nov 11am-1pm at Beechwood Club, Fishponds

Want to improve your balance?
Want to feel stronger and more confident?
Want a stronger back, hips, legs and core?

Why is balance important? Well it's actually essential in pretty much everything we do!

Kinesthetic awareness, or the ability to know where your body parts are in three-dimensional space, is required for every movement we make. So it’s not surprising that balance can be learned, challenged, and improved. The agility and strength that comes with learning good balance helps us move smoothly and confidently every day, whether we are doing sports, playing with the kids, chasing down a bus or taxi, or simply getting up and sitting down, walking up the stairs and putting on clothing etc without falling over.

Having good balance is also important for coordination and ability to react to sudden changes of direction, both of which can help reduce the risk of an accidental fall, especially as we get older as many injuries in older people are caused by falling.

But balance it’s a “use it or lose it” kind of thing, which means it’s important to practice balance at all ages.

And with good balance comes a stronger core, hip and leg muscles, together with stronger ankles and feet, so the better you are at balancing the stronger and more toned you'll be too!

So, you'll be learning how to balance better using different types of yoga postures, building up your confidence and skills from the simple to more challenging balances, so the session is for everyone (no matter what your yoga experience, if any) and no matter how your balance is at the moment. Because you can improve!

And you'll come away with more knowledge, great tips and feeling stronger, more confident and accomplished!

£20 when booked and paid for by 10 OCTOBER, thereafter £25.

Or BOOK 2 OR MORE places for only £20pp.



Relax, Unwind & Sketch Yoga Weekend
Friday 12th-Sunday 14th July 2019 at Lower Coxbridge House, Nr Glastonbury

Get away from it all and take time to relax, unwind, stretch out & explore your creative side in this fabulously ALL INCLUSIVE inspirational weekend. No experience of yoga or drawing necessary.

What's included:
• Daily releasing, calming & uplifting yoga sessions
• Mindfulness & guided relaxation sessions
• Outdoor yoga (weather permitting)
* Fun, relaxed drawing workshop- all levels (incl no experience)
* Mini-massage session
• Hot tub with fabulous views
• Two nights in deluxe, spacious accommodation in a beautiful, unique country cottage (2-3 sharing)
* Organic luxury toiletries
• All delicious, organic/locally sourced meals (vegetarian/vegan**)
• Light refreshments & fresh fruit
• Free time to spend at your leisure
* Close to Glastonbury to go exploring
• Large gardens with hammock
* Stunning views of Glastonbury Tor and countryside

Acupuncture sessions & massage therapy available separately (arrange directly with therapist).

The sessions will be tailored to your ability and experience and are suitable for all artistic and yoga abilities. The aim of this retreat into help you unlock your body and mind as well as your creative and playful side; to explore, learn something new or hone skills, and get away from it all to enjoy some fabulous 'me' time with other like-minded people.

Yoga will help you relax, unwind and shed tension and enable you to open yourself to the possibilities of drawing. You will also learn how drawing is enriched and flows when you experience the world from a calm place in mind and body.

Drawing is a wonderful, mindful, freeing activity; you learn to look in a different way, you investigate, engage with all your senses, and have some fun releasing your mind to allow your imagination to flow.


£325 per person (2/3 sharing)
£345 per person (2 sharing deluxe ensuite room with sunken bath & stunning views)

Thereafter, £349 and £365.

Saturday and Sunday (incl. all activities and lunch on both days) 10am-4pm £150

**Intollerances and allergies catered for

Feeling Good: ultimate relaxation, tension release & stress relief

Sat 29 June 2019:  11am-1pm at Beechwood Club, Fishponds

Feel stressed, anxious, too busy? Feel things getting you down? Tense, tight, stiff muscles? Fed up with feeling run-down and/or unfit? Not feeling as fit or healthy as you'd like?

Want to feel more relaxed? Want to get rid of tension and stiffness? Want to feel better in your body? Want to be able to be more calm and at ease? Prefer to feel better in yourself? Want to feel good?

Well you can, because you will be able to take time out to reduce stress, get rid of aches and stiffness, boost your wellbeing and allow your amazing super-computer mind to re-set and restore as well as your body to release that pent-up tension when you come to this very special session, which means you will:

* Enjoy a great restorative release for your body to relieve muscular tension through mindful movement, gentle effective mindful Zen Yoga stretches (similar to Tai Chi and Qi Gong) to help release and restore your body with an experienced Zen Yoga teacher

* Relax your mind and get some peaceful calm through a fabulous mindfulness and yoga nidra (deep yogic sleep) session with an experienced mindfulness and wellbeing coach

* Then get a super physical and mental boost and release through a healing sound-bath session as researchers have found that sound waves during a sound-bath session positively affect the nervous system and decrease blood pressure even more than meditation


* Be treated to a deliciously soothing head or foot massage (your choice) with gorgeous essential oils from a qualified massage therapist

Please wear comfortable clothes you can move in, bring a mat if you have one (a few spares will be available) and a warm top, cushion/pillow if you'd like so you are super comfy for your relaxation sessions. Super soft cosy blankets will be available but you can also bring your own.

BUT Places are limited!

Free parking available in the car park right next to the venue.


Yoga for Fitness & Wellbeing - tips and exercises for home

Sat 5 October 2019:  11am-1pm at Beechwood Club, Fishponds

Sometimes feel stiff and achy?
Life often feels busy/stressful?
Feel frazzled at the end of the week?
Want to feel more physically fit and stronger?
Want to be calmer more often?
Want to feel you have more energy and focus?
What if you could change that and bring a sense of balance, more calm and wellbeing into your home?
Thought of doing yoga or some relaxation/mindfulness at home but not sure what to do or how to do it?

We spend much of our time in a state of busy-ness, stress or anxiety, rushing from one thing to the next, multitasking and never really stopping to take care of our physical and mental wellbeing which can lead to feeling unwell more often (as your immune system is less able to fight off bugs), prone to injury (as the body is too tight, weak), more likely to feel run-down, irritable, stressed, unhappy etc.

You may go to a gym or do other activities once or twice a week but what do you do when you feel achy/stiff, tired, stressed etc at home? Maybe you don't do anything regularly and feel you need something? Want to know what to do that will help?

In this session I will share the best tips, techniques and effective yoga postures and mindfulness exercises to do at home to help keep you stretched out, feeling fit and strong, get more head-space, feel more calm and positive (and even happier!) more often and be more relaxed whenever you need it.

And all you learn you can fit into your busy life, so you'll get stretches and relaxation exercises you can do no matter how much (or how little!) time you have (so you can even practice whilst waiting for the dinner to cook, on the bus, waiting in a queue or on your walk to work!)

So invest in yourself and see how much better you'll feel more often.

£20 if booked and paid for by 5 August (usual price £25).

Places limited to ensure everyone gets individual attention, guidance and advice.

Fun & Challenging Intermediate session

5 July 2019:  6.30m-8pm at Beechwood Club, Fishponds

Want to hone your yoga skills?
Want to learn more intermediate yoga poses and posture variations?
Want to challenge yourself?
Want to feel stronger and more confident?

Then join me for this fun and challenging session.

**LIMITED PLACES** to give you personal tuition and hands-on assistance to get the best from your experience.

Investment £12

Yoga & Sports Therapy for Runners Workshop

Sat 21 September 2019:  11.15am-1.15pm at Fishponds Beechwood Club, Fishponds

Do you run?
Want to improve your flexibility?
Want to get rid of tight muscles and aches?
Want to keep in good condition and injury free?
And improve your running performance?

You can as whether you run for fun, fitness, or are training for a particular race, event or other reason, you'll learn most effective yoga postures and other proven sports therapy techniques to help you get and keep fitter, get more flexible, create more running power and keep injury free. And you'll learn techniques to keep calm and relaxed for your running.

You will also be given practical tips to keep you in top shape. Including how to work with rollers, balls and other equipment to learn to effectively and quickly release tight muscles and keep stretched out and work your core into the bargain! (Please bring a roller if you have one)

And all for only £20 per person when booked and paid for by 21 August (otherwise the price is £25 so grab the early-bird whilst you can!) and spaces are limited, so book now to secure your place



Relaxing Yoga & Guided Mindfulness Evening by Candlelight

Fri 10 May 2019:  6.30m-8pm at Beechwood Club, Fishponds

Are you feeling busy, tired, stressed?
Stiff/tense muscles?
Want to feel stretched out, be calmer and more relaxed?

Well you can! Take part in a slow, peaceful yoga practice followed by deeply relaxing guided mindfulness in a safe, calming atmosphere to help you feel more released and calm bring blissful relaxation and more positivity into your life!

We live busy lives in a frantic world so this workshop is for anyone needing to make space and time for themselves, reconnect with their bodies and quieten their minds. You will experience relaxing, restorative and rejuvenating yoga postures, breathing techniques, some basic stress-relieving mindfulness meditations and yoga nidra (deep relaxation).

Suitable for all abilities.

*ONLY £10 *

Hips & Hamstrings Workshop

Sun 28 April 2019:  3.30m-5.30pm at Beechwood Club, Fishponds

This 2 hour workshop is specifically designed for these common problem areas which means that we will focus on effectively releasing and really stretching out the hips and hamstrings using yoga postures and special physical therapy techniques (from my knowledge as a Sports Therapist). You will learn how to will ease tension and stiffness bringing relief and openness to those areas (and also to the low back).

We will also strengthen to bring support and stability to the muscles to help keep you in good fitness and injury free. You will be given tips for home to help keep those areas free, strong and in good shape after the session.

Only £20 if booked and paid for by 1 March (usual price £25).