UrbanLife & Wellbeing

UrbanLife & Wellbeing is part of the Urban Yoga family helping you get you the mind and wellbeing you want because this is your life 

Give Me Calm, Relax Me Happy sessions


Are you feeling overwhelmed, too busy, stressed, anxious, down?
Feel tired? Don't sleep well?
Feel like you're always doing things for others but not yourself?
Feel like stress/anxiety/tiredness is limiting you?
Want to be more relaxed?
Prefer to feel more positive and calm?
Want to sleep better?
Want time just for yourself? 

Well you can! This class will help you unwind, feel more relaxed and calm using mindfulness, gentle movement and proven transformational change techniques to help you effectively let go of anxiety, tension and stress. 

And you will learn to let go of unwanted states and thoughts and receive tips to use at home so you can live your life the way you want to.