Are you struggling to keep fit and flexible?
Frustrated by tight and/or weak muscles?
Fed up with feeling too busy and stressed?
Struggling to have time for you?
Need help getting fitter, toned, flexible and more relaxed?

You are not alone...Let us help you.

Our FREE Fitness Yoga Taster Class will help you Get Fitter, Be More Flexible and be More Relaxed.

Learn simple breathing techniques to help you feel emotionally calm and relaxed, whilst physically working your body at your own pace. 

Move through a sequence of accessible moves designed to allow you to switch off your mind from everyday work and life stress, stretch out those tight areas and strengthen your body where it needs it leaving you feeling stronger and more flexible.

... And go home feeling relaxed and positive!

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"Everyone was really friendly and relaxed.. It was great to focus on the body for a while, and to be in a room full of relaxed people. When I went home, I felt physically and emotionally better than I had for a while.. I was very surprised to find out that I am capable of feeling as calm as I did! And my body felt really good afterwards." RH, Fishponds

"After having children my body felt weak and I felt tired. I wanted to get my body back, have more energy and do something for myself. I came to the free class and immediately felt my core muscles working and my strength and flexibility returning just in one session. Nikki made it fun and accessible and I really enjoyed having time away just for me and I couldn't wait to come back and get more! I would definitely recommend the class." Faye, Southville

"I run and wanted to keep mobile. The session was relaxed and fun. It wasn't serious and Nikki made yoga easy and everyone felt at ease. I felt stretched after the class and I can feel the difference. I felt it helped my balance and lengthened my hamstrings and offers me a gentle alternative to pounding around the streets of Bristol/sweating through a Bootcamp class in order to build up strength, which I now know I can do through yoga. " Charlotte, Bristol